Trying to cut into an unripe avocadoRecently, Tesco has rebranded their “Perfectly Ripe” Avocado range and called it the “Ready to Eat” Avocado instead. And just in case you think that this is the same-old-same-old, they have put a nice big “new” label on the rebranded product (isn’t that cheating?)

The joke is, of course, just like its predecessor, the Perfectly Ripe Avocado, this new product is several days off being ripe. I have picked up these small twin packs several times to find that the contents is hard and inedible. The packaging, oblivious to the fact that the contents is far from the smooth creamy experience that accompanies the properly ripe avocado, instructs you to keep it in the fridge to stop it ripening more! I haven’t tried, but I am not keen on the idea of waiting several weeks for my green cricket ball of a fruit to become something that you can shove beneath a prawn or two.

The new packet sat in my nice warm kitchen a couple of days until I thought I should try the first of the twins. Rock Hard. My super sharp chef’s knive managed to cut through the flesh, but the challange was completely beyond the capabilities of my teaspoon. Into the compost with it!

The second avocado I have just tried. It certain felt more or less ripe, but as you can see, the result inside the skin is watery and uneven and has a bitter taste that has taken the combined scrubbing power of several Peroni beers to remove from my pallet.

I have never yet found an avocado in a supermarket labelled as “ripe” that is actually anything of the sort. It is simple misrepresentation for the sake of adding extra cost to the product. Tesco are not the only company that sells such waste of supermarket shelf space, but then since all the major Supermarket Companies basically sell the identical “own brand” products with different labels (most of the time they even have the identical shaped packaging) this is hardly surprising.

The bottom line is, if you want a decent Avocado – get it from a proper grocer and ripen it yourself!

How to ripen Avocados

Avocados when ripe on the tree are actually hard – this is probably how the supermarkets get away with their misleading packaging. However, we want something smooth and creamy. This can only happen after picking. Do not refrigerate your fruit, that will stop it ripening, but place it in a paper bag and keep it somewhere coolish.  Keeping it in a bag will help speed up the ripening slightly and reduce exposure to light.  Avocados will ripen in 3 days up to a week – it is a bit unpredictable which can make them a pain for dinner parties!

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