Presisent Brie

Recently I was bought some President Brie from Waitrose.

This is a mass produced product which has little in common with proper French Brie and shows that France is as capable of producing rubbish food as any other country.

I posted a review on the Waitrose Website as follows:

It is sad such products are made
This was an accidental purchase by my mother who assumed this was a good brand. In reality this fabricated imitation of French Brie is so far from the true Brie de Meaux or Melun that it feels like a bad joke. It lacks the richness and pungency of the great cheese and leaves one with a questionable taste on the palate. We see this a lot with mass manufacturers, especially in the dairy industry, where they will take the famous name of a great idea and subvert it to sell to those who do not realise they have been mislead. Please, call your offering something else. If you want a cheap cheese, buy this, if you want Brie, do not.

However, it seems like Waitrose cannot bear to have criticism in their reviews and I was informed that my review was rejected:

Dear oldfoodlover,

Thank you for submitting a review of Président Brie. Unfortunately it didn’t meet all our website guidelines, so we’re afraid it can’t be published.

Now, tell me, which is sadder?  That this ghastly product is allowed to be called Brie or that Waitrose undermine their review pages by censorship?


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