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Food Lover

The Food Lover's Diary

A slightly strange Meze of articles on anything to do with food and drink that is not actually a recipe.

So, a few reviews of products or places, the odd comment about the state of our bellies and the state of the food industry, some political stuff to do with health, and all that seasoned with the odd technique, whimsical thought or stray idea.

Some are nothing but a taster, some have several courses!

The Horror of the high-calorie Freakshake!

The Freakshake, a super high-calorie mess of a milkshake, stuffed with anything sugary the maker can think of, is gaining in popularity.

But with some coming in at 1200 calories, there are those who are shouting for a ban. But however much it is tempting to get something banned, in most cases it is a waste of breath and won't happen. But a boycott may get better results.

One-Brew, One-Dish - A very different tavern

In my fantasy books, Dirt (both series), my characters spend a lot of times in taverns and inns. This is not terribly surprising; it is a culture that has yet to invent the restaurant, and the naff takeaway is a few thousand years away, if they are lucky. So they either make their own, or get out of the rain into the nearest tavern.

This is a primitive society so the taverns are very basic. They make their own beer, so only sell one or two that they have honed to perfection, and food is very important to the trade, though they only sell one dish each day. Soup one day, stew the next, pie on another, and so on. What a good idea!

Which Supermarket do you shop at? Does it really matter?

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How to Photograph Food

Taking photos of your dinner can be rather fun, though at the risk that your food either goes cold or melts, depending on the dish. Working on the website has allowed me the luxury of snapping away, something I should do even more of, probably.

Taking photos of food is not very difficult, but there are a few tips and tricks that are worth thinking about.

Why are tapas such great party food?

The people around the Mediterranean know what makes a good party. They know the ingredients, the method, what is required and what should happen. They understand that a party only becomes a true success if it is centred around an event and an entertainment. They have also worked out that the best entertainment, the best event, is the food itself.

There is nothing more boring, more mundane and more of a mood killer than the standard British buffet. Since when does a party take on life and joy by the addition of three bowls of crisps, an anaemic, cold, rice dish, egg and salad cream on a pappy roll and those horrendous, faux-Scandinavian, tasteless prawn rings?

What you need is Tapas!