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Marrow stuffed with Tuna and Tomato


Actually, this is a courgette, if rather a plump one! It is an Italian variety that I have been growing up at the allotment which produces fruit which are far closer to marrows than courgettes, to be honest, so that is how I use them!

This is a simple recipe cooked for a friend who is doing Weight Watchers, though I have not worked out the maths properly.  Per portion it is probably 3 or 4 points she reckons. The main reason for cooking it is to make room in my fridge, of course, which is groaning under the weight of cucumbers and courgettes and is about to be deluged with beans!

You could make this with fresh tuna if you wished, flaking it before mixing it in and baking it all, but I am trying to keep this nice and cheap.

So, one dead simple recipe coming up.


Half the marrow length wise and scoop out the seeds

sprinkle with a little salt and a sprinkle of olive oil

finely slice (not chop) the onion and crush the garlic. Mix with 2 table spoons of chopped herbs, a little salt, a lot of pepper and the drained tuna.

Pack into the bottom of the marrow halves

Mix the chopped tomatoes with a little salt, and the rest of the olive oil.

Pour all over the tuna onion mix.

Cook in a medium oven, uncovered, for about 40 to 50 minutes till the marrow is cooked

Meanwhile, make a cheese sauce by melting the butter, frying the flour and adding the beer till you get a creamy sauce. Add the cheese and whisk in till you have a smooth, silky, thick sauce.

Spoon this over the cooked courgettes and return them to the oven till the sauce is browning and the tomatoes are bubbling through.

Serve straight away.

Now, how simple is that?


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